3D tiles

Classic rhombille tiling¬†pattern has always fascinated us because it’s so simple on the surface, but the more you look at it, the deeper it goes. At first glance it’s just a 2-dimensional pattern, which pops into 3rd dimension after few seconds, but that’s just the way our brain is wired up.



The first experiment was this simple post-card sized picture – refrigerator magnet. Just like real tiling, the approach was to glue 19 pre-finished pieces on the surface to make a pattern.

3d_bangle_5After finishing individual pieces, the main problem was fitting them together. Because they weren’t exactly clones, it took a little fiddling to make a whole picture out of them.


Bangle was a totally different story. We forgot about the refrigerator magnet, but while brainstorming for bangle designs, it came up and it was a challenge we couldn’t resist. The previous approach would not work for a bangle. Instead, we made the base from one color and backfilled other two in as seen in workshop picture.




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