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Lora&Jan1We are Lora and Jan, a couple that likes working with polymer clay so much that we decided to share it with the world via the magic of the internet. First attempts with polymer clay go way back, but we started working with it seriously in early 2011. Since than it is consuming most of our free time and energy, always trying new things, but we still feel like we barely touched the surface.

About this site
The first thing to mention here is that English isn’t our first language, but since you can only reach a limited number of people with Slovene, we decided to go international. Most of our content from our previous site (in Slovene) was translated and used in this site, where we’ll continue publishing our work, just as before.

Why polymer clay?
So why do we like polymer and why do we keep coming back? It just feels good when you know you can transform a lump of clay into something that is solid, made the way you intended and also feels good to the touch.
It is a relatively new medium, and it hasn’t been explored to its full potential so it has the appeal that you can make something with it that hasn’t been done before, like a new technique or a combination with other media. You can sculpt it, cane it, paint with it, bake it multiple times, sand and polish it, cut it, drill it,… sometimes it seems that the possibilities are as endless as the colors you can create.
Most of our products are jewelry/fashion accessories, but you can also find some other useful (or not) things. Through time we found out we like creating bangles the most and they naturally came to be our signature piece.


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