Absinthe bangle

Most of our recent work is based on straight lines and regular geometric shapes. With this one, the plan was – curves.

Absinthe bangle4

It turned out trippy with colors resembling various tones of absinthe. Inside is pitch black and when the bangle was made, we were joking about how it represents the dark side of alcohol. Be careful, if you had too much of that stuff you probably wont walk or see in a straight line :).

Absinthe bangle2

When working with raw polymer sheets we usually prefer firmer consistency of clay (less deformations and fingerprint marks), but with this project it turned out to be a disadvantage. The firmer the clay the faster it will break when you bend it, especially on tight corners and with wider strips. Let’s just say that lesson has been learned.

Absinthe bangle3

Absinthe bangle1


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