As thin as a leaf

We are always thinking of innovation and for some time now the debate has been around how to get our bangles to a new level. The two major things that we wanted to improve were: thickness (make the wall thinner) and to have more control over the inner diameter (perfect fit for any wrist).


Both things can be solved using a metal core inside a bangle.


With this, the bangle can be both thinner and stronger (more rigid) at the same time. And if you are making the inner cores (blanks) yourself, like we are, you can make the inner diameter fit a hand exactly. So no more searching for a right sized can to form a bangle on.


The idea came from making (non adjustable) rings where the inner diameter is even more important. So we made those first and they came out like cute mini bangles so the next step was to size up and do a full bangle. We’ve only made two so far, which are being tested (worn) for a few months and are pretty pleased with them.


The wall thickness can be as small as 2 mm (compared to at least 6 mm without a metal core) which makes them less bulky and easier to wear even when doing something like office work. This way of doing things didn’t come without some technical challenges like getting polymer clay to stick to metal and even making the metal blanks themselves, but the new product is thinner, stronger and easier to wear so this will be our¬†way of the future.



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