Caramel candy

Past week in Egypt gave us a short taste of summer, which we’re eagerly expecting here as well. But we’re not waiting for summer just sitting around ;)

Caramel candy

This Caramel candy bangle was made just before holiday from various skinner blends (some old, some new). The idea was to combine the style from Color your life and 70′s wallpaper bangles.

Caramel candy 2 (2)

Lately many skinner blends have piled up in our workshop drawer. Our method for storing them is individually wrapping each one in regular kitchen cling film. Plastic wrap prevents drying out and keeps blends clean. Even if you have a full box of them.

Caramel candy 3

Since we’ve switched to a new brand of clay and the only shop that sells it at a reasonable price is not in our neighborhood, we buy bigger amounts at once. We’re always surprised by the number of white packages we go through. Our ratio for buying clay is usually around: 50% white,  20% black and 30% other colors.


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