Preparing for an exhibition: part 1

The preparations for August exhibition in Rayher are in full swing. As usual, our stock is running low and our goals are high – around 30-40 different pieces for display. For the first time we’ll show our work in the display window – different jewelry and some non jewelry items. No surprise here, bangles will be our signature product. Of course everything on display will be for sale.


sanding earrings

With such a large task at our hands it is best to start at the beginning. In polymer clay world there are a lot of things that start with Skinner blend. So we made a bunch of them (15 packets worth of clay) to have something to start with.


Mixing custom colors is a must, especially if you use a brand of clay like Kato that only offers basic colors. But if you really want to get more out of your clay, blending is a next step.

unfinished bracelets

So where are we now, six weeks before August?

unfinished jewelry

We’ve got a pile of half-finished pieces that mostly need sanding or assembly. In a month we will probably be in such a hurry that we won’t have a lot of time to be creative. And after we’ve talked about the working process for this project we decided to postpone the later work stages till the end, since sanding doesn’t require much inspiration.



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