Leopard skin

Here is a different twist on a leopard themed bracelet – in combination with skinner blend and some classic black.


Black adds a pinch of drama to a bracelet, especially due to black rim/edge, which we haven’t done until now. Each of the colors/patterns (black, leopard, blend) appears on twice on the bracelet, while the earrings are made so the leopard is on the front and skinner blend on the back. Every color except black is hand mixed and if you look the leopard pattern from an angle you can see glittering pieces of mica.


Each earring is made out of three parts and are put together to look like one piece. They aren’t assembled with our usual metal parts but with a black steel wire that holds them together and allows earring to move. Because of the length (8,5 cm), the earrings are seen even when your long hair is let down.


The inner diameter of the bracelet bangle is classic 6,5 cm.



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