Magic beans

Finally, after a lot of testing, a tumbler (automatic sander/polisher machine) project came trough. The machine was made DIY style from an old printer and a coffee can. The idea was taken from here and here. Since the summer is almost over it’s the final time for posting these bold colors.


The first attempts with tumbler were unsuccessful because we used the wrong tumbling medium (sandpaper pieces). It was only when we tried river pebbles from nearby river Sava, the results were visible. The machineĀ  is noisy and it takes 6 hours or more to get a nice finish, but the results are comparable to sanding with 1200 grit sandpaper.

Tumbler’s first product are these magic beans, which are intentionally irregular shapes – more organic looking. Pieces are composed in a color blend from dark to light green. Besides the 52 cm long necklace there are a pair of matching earrings in the set.

For more uniform look, the ending is specially made so it flows nicely with the necklace. Created from wire that is warped in green clay, the ending enables easy fastening.



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