This all white summer collection (necklace, bracelet, earrings) was an order. As you can see everything is in the sign of round beads.


This heatwave we’ve been having is unbearable and it affects everyone. Some of you might know how difficult it is to sculpt polymer clay in the middle of summer. Clay gets so soft and sticky that trips to and from refrigerator become necessary for each piece. This time we’ve had most problems with textured beads. After we’ve slowly and patiently finished the pre baking stage, things were back to usual practice. The smooth beads were sanded and polished and the textured ones were just polished.


By experience we found out that the best ending for this kind of bracelet/necklace is a magnet. Even tough we’ve got hundreds of bought metal endings lying in our room, we just cant help ourself – if it looks better we are going to us it.



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