Rasta Lion

We’ve been experimenting with backfill technique for a while now and this is a first result worthy of a blog post. It is a very useful technique and we are sure it’s going to be used a lot in the future.


The whole point of backfill is simple; with carving or drilling remove some clay that has been already baked (skinner blend in our example), and fill the resulting hole with soft clay of different color, than bake it again. For carving we used a linoleum knife that worked perfectly on polymer clay and left nice clean lines behind. Depending on your skill and the shape of the blade you can create quite an accurate picture. If you aren’t adept at drawing you can help yourself with a picture like we did in this case.


This little picture that you can hang on the wall was actually a late birthday present for a friend that likes both, lions and rasta pattern. If you know something about rasta culture you will quickly notice that a flag is turned upside down. I happens in a hurry, piece had to be finished today, but it came out nicely anyway, lion is actually running on grass :).


On the picture below you can see unfinished piece in the middle of carving.



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