Scarlet road

It seems that all we’ve been doing lately is “the new” backfill technique, which you may remember form Rasta Lion. If you can do a backfill on a flat surface you can also do it on a round one like a bangle bracelet or a ring.


The ring is made entirely by hand, including the inner metal frame. The frame is necessary since the polymer clay isn’t strong enough at that thickness. Another new thing in our jewelry collection is a hairpin.


The backfill technique enables us to “draw” with filling cavities. This time we used the drill to make the holes which were than filled. We found the inspiration for the pattern in our galaxy (Milky way). There are several hundred dots on the bangle in six different sizes backfilled with special red color.

The color is difficult to define. Something between red and violet, similar to a red wine color. The color on the inside is the same as on the outside.



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