Water Lily

Last week we were talking about unfinished pieces so it seems fair to show some finished work. We’ve already written about working with cured clay (sanding and polishing – post production) but not much about planning and designing.

water lily 1

Water Lily bangle is a good example since it required planning in advance and some precision.

water lily 2

Every piece of jewelry requires some sketching in advance. With most projects you can’t just jump behind pasta machine and start working, it usually begins with drawing. First sketch is made by hand and if needed redrawn on the computer to get the right proportions and the idea of ​​how it will look in the end.

water lily 3

We use vector graphics software Inkscape (free and highly recommended) for designing and printing.

water lily 4

Printouts are useful as stencils for cutting clay and arranging the final layout.


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