Wrapped rope necklaces

Bohemian tassel rope necklaces are perfect for any occasion and totally ready to enhance your daily outfit!

  • BLACK charm necklace 1


- size: approx. 48cm (18.89”)

- thickness: 6,2mm (0,24”)

- embellished with: 2 tassels in black color and 2 metal charms (wing charm, leaf charm)

image3176.JPG.ok- other details and your best holiday price here: black charm necklace 1

  • BLACK charm necklace 2


- size: 47cm (18.50”)

- thickness: 6mm (0,25”)

- embellished with: 2 tassels in black color and a metal charm (owl charm)


- this necklace is no longer available, you can check other details here: black charm necklace 2

  • IVORY WHITE charm necklace


- size is adjustable: approx. 41,5cm (16,33”) necklace length + approx. 5,5cm (2,16”) chain length

- thickness: 3,5mm (0,138”)

- embellished with: 3 metal charms (small leaf charm, big leaf charm, heart charm) , 2 polymer clay beads and a tassel in ivory white color


– other details and your best holiday price here: ivory white charm necklace


Every item is delivered to you in beautiful custom made packaging!


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