Zebra skin

We started working on this zebra necklace at the same time as the Leopard skin bracelet. It was some kind of a themed contest :). The necklace was finished months ago but the earnings were laying on the workbench half finished due to laziness and work on other projects.


We’ve worked on a zebra pattern a few times before because of its classic color combination. Since then the beads are now rounder, undeformed and are the same size (weighing clay with a precise scale helps a lot). We used to varnish everything with a clear coat, but that is not the case now. Sanded and polished pieces/beads are much nicer and durable.


But to us, one of the best improvement so far, is making the holes trough the bead after it is baked with a drill. No matter how precise you are when making holes in soft clay, you cant avoid some deforming.


The length of necklace is 48cm. It is assembled from black and zebra beads which are a little bigger. Smaller black beads seamlessly end the necklace with two embedded magnets.



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